3d artwork on paper

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Eiko Ojala Illustration

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I've been saving toilet paper rolls for months to make some kind of art. My husband is frankly tired of them being stuffed everywhere. They never seem to make it to the same location. lol. Also you can make 3d butterflies out of colorful papers.

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It is a great idea to glue book pages on your wall, it will look like you have open books on the wall. We present you 27 amazing diy 3d wall art ideas. 3D Paper Bunny Artwork in Easter Crafts.

Share. Comment. Love It. Make This! Somebunny to Love. We absolutely adore these modern 3D bunnies! Their geometric shape is cute, sleek, and a great way to incorporate bunny artwork for Easter. Learn how to craft your very own 3D bunny below to display in your home.

We’ve listed out everything you need.

Spectacular 3D Art on Paper

Find great deals on eBay for 3d framed paper art. Shop with confidence. Home for the Holidays. Our glittery paper winter village is a perfect decoration for the holiday season. It’s super easy to make if you have a cutting machine but can easily be cut by hand instead.

I really liked the 3D hearts in the gift-wrap I showed previously so I've been making paper versions! They make a nice alternative to a card. You can even make one every color of the rainbow.

There is a little box which you can make to put the hearts in (each box fits two hearts).

3d artwork on paper
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