Advertising paper placemats

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How to Advertise on Restaurant Placemats

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Printed Placemats

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How to Advertise on Restaurant Placemats

Similar to focusing on people in a poor mood, placemat advertising often brings ads to connection at a time when they are most important.

Sizes vary from 2-by. We print our placemats on 70 lb offset paper, a stock that is great for both printing and writing. Some restaurants welcome placemat advertising in order to help other businesses in the community and to gain another source of income.

By paying for a shared advertising space, a business can get plenty of visibility at low cost. Paper placemats feature straight or scalloped edges, and many are made from % recycled paper. They're also perfect for dressing up parties, school functions, banquet halls, and tables at catered events.

Find great deals on eBay for placemats advertising. Shop with confidence. Add pops of color to your table with our full line of colorful paper placemats in a variety of styles.

Elegant paper place mats are great for table decorating, vintage styling and. Advertising just became very affordable with restaurant advertising placemats.

Design Services are available from EBA to get that look for your personalized paper placemats. A typical design project takes to 2 hours to complete at a rate of $ per hour billed in ¼ hour increments.

Advertising paper placemats
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