Information on neolithic age

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Neolithic Age

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Neolithic Period

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Neolithic Age

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Lie-stone axes and adzes, bored stones were-stick weights. This occurred listings before the first time of grains. Stone Age, prehistoric cultural stage, or level of human development, characterized by the creation and use of stone tools.

The Stone Age, whose origin coincides with the discovery of the oldest known stone tools, which have been dated to some million years ago, is usually divided into three.

Neolithic Revolution

The Stone Age Artifacts Gallery: Glossary of Terms Anvil – A surface, usually stone that functions as a resting place for the object during production. Characterized by localized indentations and pitting generally near the center.

Neolithic Period

Artifact – Any object made be mankind. Any piece of stone, bone, plant material that has been used and or modified be mankind.

The Neolithic (or "New" Stone Age) was a period in the development of human technology that is traditionally the last part of the Stone Age. The name was invented by John Lubbock, 1st Baron Avebury () in as a refinement of the three-age system of stone, bronze, and iron term is more commonly used in the Old World (Europe), as its application to cultures in the Americas.

In the Tigris and Euphrates river valleys, the Neolithic culture of the Middle East developed into the urban civilizations of the Bronze Age by BC Between BC and BC Neolithic culture spread through Europe, the Nile valley (Egypt), the Indus valley (India), and the Huang He valley (N China).

Here are some facts about the Stone Age. The Stone Age began about million years ago, and lasted until about BC. This long period was one in which stone was widely used to make tools or utensils.

Archaeologists divide the Stone Age into three periods: Paleolithic, Mesolithic and then Neolithic. Functional Variation.

Sequences in and around genes underlying the phenotypes hypothesized to have undergone positive selection in Europeans indicate that the Neolithic Aegeans were unlikely to have been lactase persistent but carried derived SLC24A5 rs and SLC45A2 rs alleles associated with reduced skin pigmentation.

Because our Aegean samples predate the period when .

Information on neolithic age
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