Investigatory project malunggay seeds as water purifier

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Investigatory Project

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Malunggay as water purifier

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Over are other financial claims associated to Malunggay Moringa: Some or cleansing arrival of soap decreases in hard water. Investigatory Project Malunggay Seeds As Water Purifier Malunggay can be used as water purifier By Helen Flores (The Philippine Star) | Updated July 12, - am MANILA, Philippines – Aside from its potential as biofuel feedstock, the seed of moringa, locally known as malunggay, could also be used for treating water, a Filipino scientist said yesterday.

Dr. Aug 01,  · “ charcoal: an alternative ink ” an investigatory project submitted as an entry to the school based science fair. sy group category butuan grace christian school proponents: charles juell v. avila jonathan luke d.

Investigatory Project on Chemistry

lloren jonathan a. becerro janine. Homemade Water Filter & Water Purifier / Berkey Water Filter.

Malunggay (Moringa Oleifera) Herbal Medicine

This is Really cool and easy to make. This is the easiest and cheapest way to have pure water during an emergency. malunggay tree are edible and medicinal, have long been consumed by humans as early as ancient Roman and Greek times. The many food and non-food uses of the tree are purification of water (powdered seeds) In the Philippines.

Moringa is commonly grown in home gardens and also as living. Malunggay and Spinach Powder (Investigatory Project Sample) Bundle Malunggay and Spinach leaves and hang upside down in a well the brown paper bag to where you hang both leaves.

How To Purify Water With Fruit Peels

Allow leaves to fall in the paper bag. accepted and it will prove that malunggay and solar heat is effective as water purifier.

5 Malunggay Seed Extract • 1 Kernel per Liter of Water 2 Kernels per Liter of Water 2 Kernels per Liter of Water Solar heat Figure The Schema of the Study/5(16).

Investigatory project malunggay seeds as water purifier
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