Learner autonomy

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Teaching Tips - Developing Learner Autonomy

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The concepts of learner autonomy and independence have assumed an increasingly important role in language learning. An attempt has been made in this article to show first, what is meant by learner autonomy in the context of language learning, and, then, how we can move towards its development among language learners.

Learner Autonomy and Web explores tensions between the “classical” definitions of learner autonomy and the learning dynamics observed in specific online contexts. Some of the contributions argue for the emergence of actual new forms of autonomy, others consider that this is merely a case of “old wine in new bottles”.

Janet Hardy-Gould, a teacher, teacher trainer and materials writer, discusses how to encourage learner autonomy in the higher education classroom. Learner autonomy is when students take control and responsibility for their own learning, both in terms of what they learn Continue reading →.

teachers believed that task-based language teaching promotes learner autonomy. It was also revealed that students were not ready to of learner autonomy within the task based approach. F. INDINGS A ND D ISCUSSION A. Findings The analysis of findings showed that teachers generally have a good understanding of learner autonomy.

It was also. the idea of autonomy did not initially have a strong influence on learner strategies research, Wenden () made the link explicit in the title of her book, Learner Strategies for Learner Autonomy.

Using choice to build learner autonomy If we make all these decisions about what, how and when to learn then we're not giving learners the chance to become autonomous. But with too much freedom to choose, learners often struggle to make decisions.

Learner autonomy
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Developing Learner Autonomy - What is Learner Autonomy