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Paper Cannon

Cannon was a rare athlete, even by today's standards, combining sprinter speed with brute strength. He could consistently run a in the yard dash and, at 6-foot-1, pounds, he had the. The right supplies for your Canon & Océ brand technology.

Home > Customer Support > Supplies; A 4 mil Satin C1 paper for use in the Océ ColorWave //// printers. A satin coated sheet that gives an "offset" look from the Océ ColorWave series printers. The Océ 4C1S has great opacity to be used for custom gift wrap in rolls.

Mar 17,  · A DIY version of AirZooka. A simple air cannon that will shoot puffs of air in the shape of torus (AKA: Rings). Add smoke and you get smoke rings.

Paper cannon
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Full text - Benjamin Franklin - The Journal of Paris,