Paper cut in eye

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Paper cuts to the cornea (a corneal abrasion) can be very painful, depending on the severity of the cut. Infections are also a concern.

Infections are also a concern. Try to keep the eyelid closed as much as possible and use otc pain meds. Top Causes of Eye Injuries.

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Articles On Eye Injuries Eye Injuries You can treat lots of minor eye injuries on your own. A deep cut and injuries associated with a. Papercut on my eyeball, will it heal itself or do I need to see a doctor? (16 Posts) Add message | Report.

I cut the white of my eye once - just got given some eye drops to put in twice a day to prevent infection - had to to put them in for a week or so. No patches. Add message | Report. Dec 26,  · hi, i got a paper cut to my eye (my 17 month old swiped a piece of card and it cut my eye) that was deci still get pain in my eye and more so at night, i might not get it for a month and then it kills me at night, its like being back to square one again when my eye was first injured, any advice.

Sep 10,  · Consumption of paper has grown percent in the last 40 years. Nearly 4 billion trees or 35% of the total trees cut around the world are used for paper.

Paper cut in eye
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