Perforated blotter paper

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LSD Blotter Paper

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Dye Sublimation Tissues

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Blotter Art - Highly Collectible Artwork

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Pleasant Hill, Oregon, Congratulations to:. Dye Sublimation Tissues We manage a full line of dye sublimation ("dye sub") protection tissues (also commonly referred to as sublimation tissue, ghosting tissue, protection paper, protection tissue, heat transfer tissue, or blotter paper), used for blanket protection of rotary heat presses.

Jul 09,  · recently i had some acid that was on blank blotter paper with perforated hits. i saw lots of visual distortions (breathing objects, moving clouds) but I'm not sure if it was lsd. could it have been 2cb?does lsd come on blank, perforated, printer paper thin, blotter paper?

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Home / Arts, Crafts and Sewing / Crafting / Paper and Paper Crafts / Mandalas II Adult Coloring Book – Features 50 Original Hand Drawn Designs Printed on Artist Quality Paper with Hardback Covers, Top Spiral Binding, Perforated Pages, and Bonus Blotter by ColorIt.

The sheets are perforated into small squares, about a quarter of an inch ( millimeters) wide. Each square is one dose, and a sheet can contain doses.

Blotter Art

Users chew and then swallow the little bits of blotter paper.

Perforated blotter paper
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