Photographer thomas hoepker

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Thomas Hoepker

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The meaning of 9/11's most controversial photo

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Thomas Hoepker chose not to publish this photograph in a book about 9/ Photograph: Thomas Hoepker/Magnum In the photograph Thomas Hoepker took on. Photographer: Thomas Hoepker. Title: September 11, New York, Brooklyn. Year: This photo is said to have been taken by Thomas Hoepker on the 11 th of September The photo shows a group of New Yorkers relaxing in the sun in a park with clear blue water behind them and in the background the dust and smoke coming.

Thomas Hoepker (German: Thomas Höpker; born 10 June ) is a German photographer and member of Magnum is known for stylish color photo features.

He also documented the 9/11 World Trade Center destruction. Thomas Hoepker stands in this tradition. He is a photojournalist through and through and even calls himself a “contract photographer” or “image maker”. He won his first prize for photography at the age of 14; inaged 57, he was made President of Magnum.

Thomas Hoepker studied art history and archeology, then worked as a photographer for Münchner Illustrierte and Kristall between andreporting from all over the world. Thomas Hoepker (German: Thomas Höpker; born 10 June ) is a German photographer and member of Magnum Photos.

He is known for stylish color photo features. He is known for stylish color photo features.

Photographer thomas hoepker
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The meaning of 9/11's most controversial photo | Jonathan Jones | Opinion | The Guardian