Volcanic hazard depend primarily on physical

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Disaster and Emergency Planning for Preparedness, Response, and Recovery

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Volcanic hazards

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Explosions at and on 3 November ejected material NE and generated plumes that rose and km above the crater rim, respectively. The Alert Level remained at Yellow, Phase Two (middle level on a three-color scale). Efforts must be made to assemble a plausible set of hazard data that represent the range of possibilities for the physical impact: for example, the wind speed, precipitation, and track of a storm, or the magnitude and epicentral location of an earthquake.

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Volcanic risk assessment has typically focused on loss of life and therefore physical vulnerability assessments have primarily targeted building damage and occupant exposure with limited analysis of other physical societally-relevant assets such as critical infrastructure.

Volcanic Hazard Depend Primarily on Physical Factors? Volcanic hazard depend primarily on physical
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